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  • What is Selby Educational Trust?

    Selby Educational Trust or SET is a Multi-Academy Trust , where a number of local Primary and Secondary schools and in our case, Selby College has joined together to form a single Trust, managing a group of Academy partners with a Board of Directors answerable to the Board’s members.

    The Government announced all schools, currently in Local Education Authority control, would become Academies in the near future. Selby Educational Trust is a group of Academies formed under the single Trust with the purpose of supporting and developing a wide range of education services in the area we serve.

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  • What does the Trust aim to achieve?

    It’s simple. Our main aims are to help ensure through support, each Academy partner achieves their set targets, their standards and performance are raised and the management of their facilities is effective so that ultimately they are viewed equally by pupils, parents, staff, governors and other stakeholders as being second-to-none.

    Our aim is to ensure all partners have the confidence to grow, to realise their aims and excel at the services they each provide in Selby.

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  • Why form a Trust?

    Rather than waiting for help, support and advice, some of which was never provided, Selby Educational Trust located on the doorstep of all member organisations will be able to focus resources to help each of our Academies grow and prosper. Each partner in Selby Educational Trust has considerable experience of successfully managing a school or college, of providing effective curriculum and support services and education facilities locally.   

    Unlike other Trusts, some of whom are large organisations that operate across different regions of the country our view since we first formed was to offer a local solution by only working with local partners within twenty minutes driving distance.

    This means we can ensure support can always be provided as efficiently and effectively as possible and in a timely way. We know and understand the area we serve, which means we can offer a localised approach with solutions to improve services, helping Academy partners to achieve their set targets, their standards and performance are raised and they have the support available when it is needed. By working locally there are opportunities for staff and manager exchanges, sharing other resources and offering joint professional development that will benefit each individual and organisation in turn.

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  • What are the main reasons for my school becoming an Academy?

    The Government announced in the budget in April 2016 that all schools would become Academies by 2020. Selby Educational Trust has formed to work with different academies in the area using our combined considerable expertise to help school partners to improve. Already some of the partners are rated Outstanding by Ofsted but our approach is so much more than meeting Government requirements. We want to develop each partner, working with managers and staff, developing their already extensive skills base whilst at the same time advising them on how to improve their service offer.

    The opportunities to develop staff through professional training, to develop the Academy so it offers continually improving quality services and for collaboration will ensure each partner within the Trust will benefit from what we can collectively offer.

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  • Why should my Academy join Selby Educational Trust?

    One of Selby Educational Trust’s key advantages is that we are an experienced group of high performing schools and colleges. By sharing our experience of successfully managing education provision locally we can offer a broad range of support that can be flexibly delivered allowing your school to get on with the day job of providing teaching to your pupils.

    Funding will be allocated on an individual organisation basis but there will be shared support services, for example Human Resources, Quality and Teaching support, Finance, MIS, Marketing and Estates services offered by a central resource pool. Sharing resources locally is far easier than some of the larger Trusts can ever hope to achieve as we operate locally and because all staff are employed by the same employer, they can transfer more easily to work across more than one school.

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  • How will the Trust be Funded?

    Selby Educational Trust receives the same levels of funding per student as maintained schools receive from the Local Authority. The Trust also receives the Educational Services Grant which is currently used by the Local Authority to pay for some services which they currently provide. Services may continue to be procured from the Local Authority but in other cases the Trust is able to procure its own services from local suppliers, especially where it makes sense to do so and allows us to maximise the value of the funding across all partners by buying on behalf of the partners.

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  • How will parents be informed, and reassured about the continuing quality of education?

    Selby Educational Trust will provide opportunities for parents to ask any questions, to raise any queries or concerns or to air their views. This process will be repeated on at least two if not more occasions during the formal consultation process. This consultation will be carried out with as many stakeholders, staff, parents and students as possible to provide the Governors with a clear picture of each school community’s views about this potential change.

    Our aim is always to keep parents well informed about the process of application either via open events, letters or via the SET website.

    We will give parents a contact number and email address to enable them to contact a senior member of staff in SET if they have specific questions about the transfer.

    Once the transfer has taken place all the normal arrangements for parents to acquire information will continue.   The school staff and Governors should be able to answer most questions about the school.   Specific questions about the SET will be answered by the appropriate member of the team.

    We view parental engagement as an essential part of our school improvement plans and parents are seen as an integral part of the student learning process.

    Each school will retain its individual character as an academy within the Selby Educational Trust and each will address its plans for improvement in conjunction with engaging parents and students, fully supported by the Trust as part of its commitment to raise standards.

    At all stages we are keen to assure parents that the continuation of high quality education at your Academy will be our top priority.

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  • What is the longer term vision for Selby Educational Trust?

    We envisage starting small with 4-5 local academies but how we will grow is dependent on attracting more academies, some of whom may already be partnered primary and secondary schools. The SET website will provide an up to date report on current members, governors and key activities undertaken and achieved by the Trust.

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  • How would you ensure the continuity of the quality of education and care provided by Selby Educational Trust to all pupils if you are providing support to other Academies in the area?

    This has got to be the top priority for Selby Educational Trust.  This is an opportune time for the partnership to make our move to a Multi Academy Trust. All partners budgets are healthy and individually we have made provision in staffing to build extra capacity. This means we will have staff with extra time to devote to school improvement work without any impact on any of the partners in working in their own academies. We also ensure we have very capable middle managers who are each eager to take on further responsibility and who can support the process of support. 

    The amount of support each partner will need will vary and by working closely with partners, listening to their needs and allocating support, we can manage each organisation’s needs, continue to develop them and help them achieve their collective targets and opportunities to grow.

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  • Will there be any further funding or grants available to my Academy to cover the costs of conversion?

    There will be funding available for each partner to cover conversion costs. Thereafter, there may be funding available for development of provision or potentially for sponsoring a particular partner in need.

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  • What will happen regarding our Admissions Policy?

    We will look to determine within Selby Educational Trust, the extent of having a common Admissions Policy but our current view is this will remain determined by individual school partners.  Our view is at some time we should have a common policy that fits our partnership approach, aims and values.

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  • What is the last point at which the school can change its mind about conversion?

    A school can change its mind right up to the point where documents are sent to the Secretary of State for signature, which is usually during the last two weeks before the planned conversion date.

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  • What are the Governance arrangements in Selby Educational Trust?

    The Board of Directors is listed on this website. The Board of Directors has responsibility for all the academies operated by Selby Educational Trust. The Selby Educational Trust is also required to establish a local governing body for each academy.

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