The Board of the Selby Educational Trust (SET) will pursue fulfilment of its vision and mission by focusing on core strategic objectives, measured consistently and annually against a set of core data baselines.

These core objectives are:

  • To be transformational and expect outstanding academic achievement and success.
  • To set aspirational targets for all.
  • To engage and inspire all learners.
  • To transform pupil, family & community attitudes to be truly aspirational & fully supportive of their schools.
  • To maintain high expectations and a rigorous process of scrutiny at every level.
  • To work with all local early years and secondary settings to ensure smooth transition and maximise outcomes.
  • To create a culture of challenge, support, mutual benefit and high expectations so that SET academies are schools that people of all ages are proud to be identified with and others will want to join.
  • To engage rapidly with under-performing schools and accelerate the process of their conversion to academies.
  • To put in place immediately essential support systems and processes.
  • To diagnose speedily the causes of under performance in the schools it is to sponsor.
  • To set challenging but realistic improvement targets.
  • To generate savings which are then reinvested in frontline teaching to increase pupil progress and attainment.
  • To draw on the support and expertise of SET stakeholders and partners to enhance improvement.
  • To establish high quality support services which will enable school staff to concentrate on delivering educational excellence.
  • To ensure staff development is at the heart of our work.

Trust growth

  • SET is currently in its developmental phase with good progress towards becoming a truly outward looking transformational organisation.
  • To ensure SET can fulfil its vision and mission it must be able to create a sustainable structure, with the capacity to ensure transformational and rapid educational achievement in its sponsored academies and also ensure that it can provide an effective, efficient and economical support function to all its schools.
  • To ensure efficient and effective academy conversion, the Trust is setting up overarching governance and management structures, drawing on the experience of its partners and utilising external expertise. It has obtained Capacity Funding which is being utilised in respect of legal and professional advice to ensure that it has the capacity to deliver its objectives as a Multi-Academy Trust as more schools join. This will ensure that effective structures are in place to allow growth through additional schools joining the Trust, in a manner which will be advantageous and cost effective for those schools.
  • Sustainable growth will allow SET to increase its school improvement capacity and support functions through increased revenue contributions and an increased school leadership pool to undertake school improvement activities.
  • The Trust aims to develop a balanced mix of sponsored and convertor academies working together to raise standards and aspirations across the Selby area to the benefit of the community and all its partners