Strawberry Fields Primary School Joins Selby Educational Trust

Strawberry Fields joined Selby Educational Trust on 1st April 2024. Over the last 12 months, the school and the trust have been working together, with a new strong partnership being formed.  Selby Educational Trust are delighted to welcome their first school in the Leeds Local Authority into their growing trust. At the heart of the trust’s vision and values is community and children getting the best possible chance through a strong collaboration between schools and services. 

Susan Mumby Headteacher at Strawberry Fields School, said “We are thrilled to announce our joining with the Selby Educational Trust, a step forward that promises to significantly enhance opportunities for children and families alike. This partnership embodies our commitment to fostering an enriching learning environment where every child has the chance to thrive and excel. Additionally, it opens up a new horizon of collaborative opportunities for staff, paving the way for innovative educational practices and professional growth. Together, we look forward to shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for our community.”  

Chair of Governors, Barbara Mason, said: “It is a joy to announce the dawn of a new chapter that promises to bring an array of unprecedented opportunities for our children, families, and the community we serve. This new phase in our journey is designed to enrich the lives of our stakeholders through innovative practice, enhanced community engagement, and a renewed commitment to excellence in all facets of our operations. The Governing Body invites the entire community to join us in this exciting journey. Through collaboration, dedication, and a shared vision, we can achieve extraordinary things for our children and pave the way for a bright future.” 

Ian Clennan, Chief Executive of Selby Educational Trust, commented: We are delighted to welcome Strawberry Fields Primary School into Selby Educational Trust. We have been working with the staff over a period of time and know they have as much to give the trust, as we have to support their school improvement journey too. We have seen staff, pupils and governors already sharing their expertise between schools in the trust. This approach will make each school and the trust stronger in the longer term.” 

Jane Tupper, Chair of Trustees at Selby Educational Trust, spoke of the third school joining the trust as, “An exciting and promising development for all concerned and one that will support the educational experience and attainment for every school in the trust.  From early stages of the relationship between the Strawberry Fields Primary School and the trust it has been very clear that we have shared values and ambition and the partnership will undoubtedly reap many rewards for pupils, their families, staff and governors in the future.”   

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