A Multi-Academy Trust is formed by local primary, secondary schools and in the case of SET, Selby College, to improve the educational standards and outcomes for the community we each collectively serve. On 1st March 2022 Selby College merged with Wakefield College. While SET maintains a strong working relationship with the new college group we have now become our own sponsor. We are pleased that the Department for Education approved our sponsor request so that we can work with new schools in our own right.

Each school joining SET will seek to be transformational and strive for outstanding all round achievement and success for every child. Staff will share their expertise, high-performing educational values, knowledge and skills and inspire a culture of collaboration between primary and secondary schools within the district we serve.

The Trust is committed to providing rapid and sustained improvement within sponsored schools; building capacity within each partner to drive progress and ensure that every child is able to achieve their full potential.

SET will work with schools to build on their distinctive expertise to ensure that, whichever school, pupils attend within the partnership, they will receive a consistently high quality educational experience.

We have a set of core standards of leadership and curriculum providing consistently high standards whilst retaining the distinctive ethos of the academy school.