Our Mission

To provide an inspirational and outstanding learning experience for all young people in Selby and the surrounding area we serve.

Our Vision

That every child in Selby and the surrounding area deserves a high-quality education, delivered locally that allows them to maximise their achievements, shapes their lives and by so doing helps transform the community we serve.

Our Values

Every Selby Child to benefit from excellent teaching, access to world-class facilities, support and other development-centred resources.

Raise standards of attainment of all young people with the skills needed to progress into employment, further education and learning and Higher education according to an individual’s abilities, aptitudes and ambitions.

To foster an ethos that promotes and celebrates learning that is fundamental to young people’s development and economic and social life, along with a commitment to independent and lifelong learning for all members of the community.

  • We will be open and honest with each other, our partners, stakeholders and funding organisations, in a climate of mutual trust.
  • To work closely and collaboratively together as part of a learning society, developing and sharing good practice with each partner striving for excellence in all that we do.
  • We will keep parents and carers informed about their child’s progress and will publish our key performance targets and results of each member organisation, keeping everyone up-to-date of our progress.
  • We will keep all stakeholders informed of key events and achievements as we continue to grow and develop services to meet, local, regional and national targets.
  • We value diversity provided by our school and college communities and welcome all children into one of our facilities.
  • We expect the highest standards of behaviour from young people and will ensure that through their education, they learn to play their part in the community and society as a whole.
  • Be sensitive to the needs of each individual accessing our services, giving emotional , social, academic support and targeted guidance.

We will maintain the Financial Viability of the Trust through prudent planning for growth, financial monitoring, risk management, maximising assets and through efficient procurement and cost control. We will Implement a common  framework of financial planning, treasury management, and recording systems to enable the proper management of the financial viability of the Trust, and we will consolidate each academy’s accounts and support and assist academy managers to ensure they comply with Selby Educational Trust and Department for Education finance regulations and maintain a sound financial position to enable future investment in excellent resources for teaching and learning to maximise achievement.

We will recognise and apply the moral and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of young people within Selby. Young people will be respected and valued. We will remain alert and vigilant to the signs of abuse, neglect, radicalistion and extremism and follow procedures to ensure young people within Selby receive effective support, protection and justice. All those working within the Selby Educational Trust will share this commitment.