Helping local schools

Helping local schools

See how we're improving education in the local area

The way forward

Wouldn’t it be great if all schools locally were judged excellent and parents were confident their children were allowed to succeed irrespective of whichever school catchment area they fell within?

We all know a good quality education can make all the difference but so much depends on the quality of teaching and support services, the facilities and equipment and just as important, the leadership and governance provided in our schools.

We are sure you would agree, in 21st Century Britain, every young person has a right to receive the very best education; after all it can mean the difference between them succeeding and achieving what they eventually want from life or having to take second best. Our view is all deserve the right to succeed and we intend to help them to do just that, to the best of their abilities.

Our objective is simple; to develop a MultiAcademy Trust of local schools in the Selby area that aims to develop each child to increase their learning potential by helping them succeed in each of their subjects; build their levels of motivation and confidence and raise their aspirations to progress to higher levels of study.

Introduction to Selby Educational Trust (SET)

We want the same things you want: to see each child safe and successful, watch them continually striving for better things by gaining good grades in their exams and developing other artistic and sporting skills so they are empowered to choose which college, training and university courses they want to follow and eventually find a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Quite simply that is what Selby Educational Trust or SET is all about. SET was established to inspire and improve educational opportunities for all young people in the Selby area.

What is a Multi Academy Trust?

Every child in Selby and the surrounding area deserves a high-quality education, delivered locally that allows them to maximise their achievements, shapes their lives and by so doing helps transform the community we serve.

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