Selby Educational Trust has a shared vision that every local child deserves a high-quality education and the opportunity to aspire to and reach their individual life and career goals.

We are an organisation formed by Selby College; with each partner working closely and collaboratively in the heart of the Selby community to provide inspirational education services that are second to none.

Within our partnership we provide excellence in all that we do; wanting every child to benefit from our outstanding teaching and support, access to world-class facilities and innovative technologies; all delivered locally. Education, however, is so much more than lessons, facilities and learning resources.

Our learning culture is one of high student expectations and personal challenge.  Our aim is to make every day at school  an amazing and thought provoking one. We want young people to be enthused so they want to learn more. We want to nurture their growing talents by widening their experience and increasing their awareness of new possibilities and ideas.

We strongly believe in preparing young people for their educational journey at every stage. We want to equip them so they are confident, interested and motivated to ask the right questions. We want them to be independent, to think for themselves so when they are required to demonstrate what they have learned they do so willingly, knowing they are well prepared. We want young people to maximise their achievements, aspire and reach for the things they want most from life, to fulfil their dreams and contribute to society.

If your business is education and your organisation shares this same vision, then we want to hear from you. You could be part of something good, something we can all be proud to be part of, something that will benefit the local Selby community for years to come.

For partners in education, Selby Educational Trust provides:-

  • Access to high quality teaching, support services and extensive facilities provided over different sites;
  • A dedicated programme of professional development for teaching and non-teaching staff, to ensure we not only maintain our high standards of support, but continue to grow the quality of our services provided to every child;
  • A partnership that can share experience, improve quality and service delivery standards, develop new ways of working, to benefit young people and the local community we serve.