Building Improvement Works at Selby Community Primary School

Selby Educational Trust has been successful in receiving Department for Education funding for new boilers and roof repairs at Selby Community Primary School. This substantial amount of money means that eh school is more energy efficient and all flat roofs have been brought up to 2020 standards.

Chief Executive, Ian Clennan, commented that ‘Without being able to apply for this funding the repair work at school would have been minimal and leaks would still be happening. Since becoming an academy we have been able to access building funding at a far greater level than previously. Alongside the extensive roof repairs the new boilers mean that the school is energy efficient and is now well on the way to reducing our carbon footprint.’


Selby Educational Trust has two further bids in with the Department for Education and will hear back in April if these bids for more improvements have been made.

If any governing bodies, head teachers or others would like more information about the Trust or to arrange a meeting with the team, please contact Pam Olbison on 01757 211001 or email

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